Epson continues to gain ground in the printing sector for graphics and signage with the introduction of the SureColor® R5070L printer. This new 64-inch equipment uses 6-color resin ink that allows it to produce impressions on a variety of substrates that include cellulose-based materials with resistant and repeatable colors. This allows to carry out works for stretchers with very precise and standardized colors or coverings, as well as any impression that requires an exactitude in the colors in repeated pieces.



This equipment is ideal for those printing companies that seek versatility and productivity, it offers impressive impressions for an immediate lamination at speeds of up to 26 square meters per hour.


It also has 1.5 liter ink packs for greater efficiency and includes 3 liters per color with heat exchange technology to achieve an uninterrupted impression. This system automatically changes the empty ink pack for a new one during printing to avoid loss of productivity.















Author: Noticias Gran Formato Latin America