According to a new report from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, Apple has recently demoed its upcoming AR/VR headset device to the Apple company board of directors. This is a good indicator that the project is at an ‘advanced stage’ and that a public product launch is imminent.

Bloomberg previously reported that a consumer launch for the headset is planned for 2023 but an early announcement of the device is likely. Today’s report also said that the development of the headset’s operating system has ramped up in recent months.


Bloomberg said Apple has been working on augmented reality versions of core iPhone apps to use on the headset as well as new apps “that will handle tasks such as streaming immersive content and holding virtual meetings.”

The first iteration of the headset is expected to be a relatively bulky and expensive device, featuring high-resolution displays, a powerful chip, and advanced sensors. Some previous reports have pitted the headset at a price well above $1000. It may be primarily targeted at enthusiasts and the developer community.

Future versions of the headset are already in development, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Apple’s long-term goal is to make a pair of lightweight augmented reality glasses, but this form factor won’t be feasible for a few more years.

There has been some speculation that Apple could announce the AR/VR headset at Apple’s upcoming WWDC keynote, which will be held on June 6. If true, this would likely be a sneak peek announcement with the product not going on sale until early 2023.

Earlier this week, The Information posted a feature story detailing the protracted history of the headset project internally.




Author: 9 to 5 Mac


One of the largest 3D printing conventions in the world is happening in downtown Detroit through Thursday evening. 

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, refers to items being made from a digital file that is designed on a computer; the file then gets sliced into layers that come out of the printer as a 3D object. 

This year, more than 400 Additive Manufacturing exhibiting companies will be showcasing their latest technologies, including 3D printed motorcycles, superheroes, medical supplies and more. Over 5,000 experts are in attendance to share their knowledge on the latest innovations in the 3D printing industry.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers technical community hosts the RAPID + TCT convention. The first clinic that SME held took place in Dearborn in 1987. The event grew over the years into what it is today. The convention style, with exhibits from companies across the nation, began in 1990. 



"The technology which makes up this event is so bright for our future in manufacturing and making products because everything can be customized to fit just you," said Angie Szerlong, industry manager for additive manufacturing at SME. 

Large exhibitors include HP, EOS, Stratasys, Desktop Metal and Xerox.

This industry continues to grow and assist more and more manufacturing areas. 

"Just yesterday, SME announced our strategic partnership with Women in 3D Printing because we're supporting the DEI movements and (they) are massively growing and we're trying to expose more women to this exciting technology," said Szerlong.

An Altair Engineering Inc motorcycle is displayed at the RAPID + TCT event at Huntington Place in Detroit on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. The event featured over 400 exhibitors sharing their latest ideas and 3D printing technology.

One booth features Altair, a company that has been in business for over 25 years. Altair was founded in Troy and is now a global company focused on simulation-driven innovation. 

"We are leaders in computational sciences, data analytics and high-performance computers, and we have solutions in the area of solving high-end physics problems," said Ravi Kunju, senior vice president of Altair.  

Altair customers include the U.S. Army and carmakers like Ford and GM.



"Everybody is learning this process, seeing what is unique and what the limitations are, so there's tremendous interest because it is new and viable," said Kunju. "If you look at the world's global supply chain, there is dependency on somebody making something overseas that has to be shipped, but this industry could change that."

3D printing innovation is an advance in technology that is likely to grow and become more accessible in the future.




"The additive manufacturing process allows you to have a captive manufacturing facility everywhere," said Kunju. "Imagine the old days of Kinko's, they don't exist anymore, but there was one on every street corner if you needed to print something. Imagine that kind of stuff for 3D printing. That is a possibility." 



The event is hosted at Huntington Place, formerly known as Cobo Center, in Detroit.

To learn more visit








Author: Detroit Free Press




Monna Lisa 8000 delivers high performance, attainable digital direct-to-fabric printing using Epson GENESTA Pigment, Reactive, Acid, or Disperse ink.



As production print shops continue to look for innovative solutions for digital textile printing, Epson announced its first direct-to-fabric printer available in North America – the Monna Lisa 8000. The culmination of more than 20 years of research, development and customer feedback, the Monna Lisa 8000 (ML-8000) combines precision engineering with advanced design to deliver the ability to print on a range of fabric types.

“Epson Monna Lisa printers have long maintained a strong reputation and market position in Italy where they have been used to digitally print fabrics for some of the world’s largest international high fashion brands,” said Mark Krzywicki, product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc. “The Monna Lisa 8000 has been developed to provide that same high quality in a more attainable, easy to use package – enabling North American companies to print on a wide variety of fabrics locally for both short runs and larger volume orders.”

The ML-8000 features eight, all-new 4.7-inch PrecisionCore printheads to deliver crisp, professional quality textiles. Leveraging Epson’s most advanced imaging technologies, the ML-8000 accurately reproduces complex patterns, color gradations and photographic-like detail to meet evolving trends and designer needs.

The ML-8000 is available for install with either Epson GENESTA Pigment, Reactive, Acid, or Disperse ink – to best suit each customer’s need and application and provide performance printing on an array of textile options, including cotton, viscose, polyester, nylon, silk, wool, and blended fabrics.

The machine features a hot-swappable ink system that holds up to 20 liters of ink per color and automatically switches from an empty ink pack to a new ink pack mid-print for uninterrupted printing.
The Epson Monna Lisa 8000 is now available and will ship directly from Epson America. 





Author: Ink World Magazine

Japanese material specialist Toyobo has developed Lesire, which is claimed to be the industry’s first labeling film compatible with laser printers, designed to speed up the printing process and enhance recyclability.

According to Toyobo, the demand for eco-friendly packaging films is increasing against growing global environmental awareness. The primary type of film that currently serves as a substrate requires two production steps: printing with jet printers and coating treatment and printing characters and designs with thermal printers. However, labels using this type of film can be recycled only after ink and coating agents are washed off.

Lesire is, according to Toyobo’s study of substrates, the industry’s first label film directly printable film with the use of general-purpose laser printers. 

The company has combined its film-designing knowledge with unique technology to control molecular structures. Since ink replenishment and coating treatment are unnecessary, the production process can be shortened significantly. 

Also, since printing is done inside the film by laser, it effectively prevents missing or incomplete designs and tampering by other parties. Moreover, with no requirement for washing off ink and coating agents, the new product offers significantly enhanced recyclability.

Toyobo already offers a lineup of recyclable and eco-friendly films, helping its clients use mono-materials, including Olyester, a polyester film used as a sealant, and biaxially oriented polypropylene DP065, offering a high barrier performance. Adding Lesire to its product portfolio, Toyobo further contributes to a circular economy model.

The company started providing samples in early December 2021 and plans to begin the full-scale rollout of the product in 2022.





Author: Labels and Labeling


Roland DGA Corporation, a leading provider of wide-format inkjet printers, vinyl cutters, 3D milling machines, and other innovative digital devices, has opened a new regional office in Atlanta, Georgia – the Atlanta Imagination Center – which will allow customers, prospects and partners to access Roland DGA’s latest technologies in this important and popular region of the country.


The Atlanta Imagination Center houses many of Roland DGA’s newest and best-selling products, including the recently launched third-generation TrueVIS Series printer/cutters, allowing visitors to see the impressive capabilities of these state-of-the-art devices firsthand through live product demonstrations. Staffed by experienced application specialists, the new 5,600 square-foot facility will also serve as a hub for both in-person and virtual training and events.









Author: Noticias Gran Formato Latin America

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